Grandstream GPX1450- Committed to quality

Specifically for the enterprise users, Grandstream Launches its new model Grandstream GPX1450 taking the enterprise-level communication to the next level, this IP phone has exciting features and amazing application support.

Promising a high level commitment towards quality and an enhanced standard, GPX1450 seems to be a complete package that offers you a great combination of performance and feature, the VOIP phone Grandstream GPX1450 has high-level audio quality enhancing features, extended storage, latest technology hardware, provides support in many different languages, advanced security protocols and support for a wide range of applications and configurations.

With all these and a lot more, Grandstream GPX1450 promises to remain committed towards the quality and the performance that it provides to the users proves their claim too. It has all that it takes to become most suitable phone for the enterprise users.

Grandstream GPX1450- On an overview

Grandstream GPX1450 offers you all the features of the best level and quality that you have never experienced before in any enterprise level audio communication. It provides you with a backlit graphical LCD having a very good resolution.

This VOIP phone has a standard wideband HD audio channel, a speakerphone that is fully supported with Duplex. For the users from different areas and cultures, Grandstream GXP1450 is convenient because it can provide you with the display and user manual in many different languages with it’s multi- languages feature.

With an extended large storage memory, you can have the capacity to store all of your business contacts easily and will also have the record of your recent to the very old calls. Owing to its latest technology security protocols, it promises to serve you with a complete and really strong security protection too. Grandstream GXP1450 offers you a lot of personalized applications.

Different functions of Grandstream GXP1450

With a two line display and 2 SIP accounts, this VOIP phone takes your Grandstream technology to the next level. It can be easily installed or deployed- thanks to the automated provisioning feature. Built- in Power over Ethernet and conferencing in 3 ways just add up to the feature list of this phone making it richer than before. With an amazing support for operating with the other devices and platforms from a 3rd party, Grandstream GXP1450 is just the perfect choice for your enterprise communication solutions. This feature rich phone is available to you very easily in different areas of Dubai. So, get your Grandstream GXP1450 Dubai in affordable pricing. It is also available to you in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, and Al Ain & Ras Al Khaimah.

Features of Grandstream GXP1450

Features of Grandstream GXP1450

The different salient features of this 2- line SIP VOIP phone are given below

  • Graphical LCD

With an amazing resolution of 180 x 60 pixels, Grandstream GXP1450 offers you a pretty decent graphical LCD with a grayscale too that is up to 4 levels.

  • Line keys

Grandstream GPX1450 manages two SIP accounts and at a certain instant, the VOIP phone can handle a maximum of 2 line appearances. It has line keys that are 2 in number and are incorporated with the Dual Color feature.

  • Soft keys

There are three soft keys in this model phone of Grandstream. The soft keys are sensitive to the context and are also programmable with XML.

  • Conferences

There is another built in feature of Grandstream that it provides you with a three way conferencing call opportunity.

  • An enhanced software and hardware.

Grandstream GXP1450 comes with an exclusive Grandstream GXPHD wideband audio hardware, and it also has a software support for high-quality audio codec G.722.

  • Speakerphone and additional feature

GXP1450 has a full-duplex speakerphone, and it offers you advanced acoustic features to reduce or cancel the echo effect.

  • Large storage memory

It can store a maximum of 2000 contacts. Such a large phone book proves to be a suitable one for enterprise purpose, and it can also store the call history of about 500 calls.

  • Network Ports

Grandstream GXP1450 supports the built- in Power over Ethernet (POE) feature via Dual switched auto-sensing network ports of 10 / 100 Mbps.

  • Personalized information service

It also incorporates an automated personalized information service in it. For example, it can tell you about the local weather and other personalized services, etc., you can select your own ring back tone or music ringtone. It has a very flexible screen content that can be personalized as per desire and the friendly XML format and advanced Web and the integration of enterprise applications.

  • Easy deploying

Grandstream GXP1450 can be easily deployed, thanks to the automated provisioning feature that makes use of the TR-069 or encrypted XML configuration file

  • Advanced Security protection

Grandstream GXP1450 provides you with advanced security features by using TLS and SRTP; it also has a media access control via 802.1x.

  • Operating with 3rd party platforms and devices

This VOIP IP Phone provides you with a great interoperability features with a lot of platforms like NGN, IMS, SIP and many other SIP devices.

  • Headset Jack

Grandstream GXP1450 supports the 2.5mm RJ9 headset jack.

  • Mountable on the wall

You can easily mount your Grandstream GXP1450 Dubai on the wall as it allows your base stand with two angle positions.


There is no doubt on quality and user friendliness of Grandstream GXP1450 IP Phone. Mostly, users have provided positive feedback for Grandstream GXP1450 that give you a good idea about the quality and reliability of the product.There are a lot of GXP1450 users in different areas of U.A.E. The positive feedback will surely help in making a decision buying this phone. Overall as far as the features are concerned, the phone seems to be a pretty good package!.Grandstream Dubai is always committed to provide you high-quality IP Telephones.