Grandstream-GXP-1610 DUBAI

Grandstream GXP1610- the ideal phone

For the small and medium businesses here is the ideal phone that would solve your voice communication problems and at the same time will offer you a convenient and comfortable experience. We present you Grandstream GXP 1610, a very simple IP phone but yet rich in features and having all that requires for it to be an ideal phone for the small and medium-sized businesses.

It has a lot of useful and latest technological features that are based on Linux. It has a perfect LCD graphical display, programmable soft keys, and many different additional features too. It is perfect for the businesspeople operating small and medium sized businesses because it comes with a very friendly user interface.

With versatile features and a reliable high quality, Grandstream GXP1610 offers you the best. It is a simple IP phone that has a lot of features based on Linux. It operates with a single SIP account and can handle up to 2 call appearances simultaneously.

Grandstream GXP1610 – An Overview

Grandstream GXP1610 is a simple IP phone yet it delivers you the most of the features that you may require. With a high-quality audio communication experience and a user friendly interface, this phone is just the perfect one to be used by any employee in the office. The phone provides you with exciting audio and application features that are according to the latest available technology.

There are two line keys that have dual color LEDs. It has a magnificent support for a wide range of applications because of the display with an XML browser. It has soft keys sensitive to context and some dedicated keys that give you access to the messages on a single touch.

All these and many more, the features are amazing and make it a perfect package best suitable for the businesses of a small or medium size. Grandstream GXP1610 works flawlessly with different third party phone systems based on SIP protocol and a lot other Grandstream phone systems.

You have to power the phone through an AC power supply. All these features and facts make it a versatile, user-friendly, simple IP phone that is reliable too.

There are a lot of people in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Al Ain & Ras Al Khaimah who use this phone for their small or medium sized businesses owing to the simple and efficient operability of this phone and a bunch of amazing and exciting features. This Grandstream GXP1610 Dubai phone has gained much popularity, and its performance depicts all its caliber.

Grandstream GXP1610 Dubai

Features of Grandstream GXP1610

The salient features of Grandstream GXP1610 are mentioned below:

  • Amazing graphical LCD

The phone offers you a very good and clear graphical LCD. The LCD has a resolution of 132 x 48 pixels.

  • Account handling and simultaneous calls feature

Grandstream GXP1610 operates with a single SIP account, and it can handle two call appearances at max at a time.

  • Soft keys

 There are three soft keys in this simple IP phone that are programmable via XML and are also sensitive to the context.

  • Conference call

Grandstream GXP1610 offers you a brilliant 3- way conference feature.

  • Multiple Language support

In Grandstream GXP 1610, you have the choice of multiple changes in which this phone can be used.

  • Speakerphones and reduction of echo

Grandstream GXP1610 comes with speaker phone with a full- duplex hands- free feature and is also incorporated with the advanced audio echo reduction and cancelation feature.

  • Electronic Hook Switch (EHS)

GXP1610 also has an electronic hook switch (EHS) with the Plantronics headsets.

  • Warranty

You get an exclusive 2 Year Warranty with your Grandstream GXP1610, which provides you with a complete peace of mind about the reliability of this phone.

  • No POE

There is no support for the power over Ethernet feature in Grandstream GXP1610.

  • Network Ports

There are dual switched network ports of 10 / 100 Mbps.

  • Some additional ports

It supports an RJ9 headset port with a 2.5 mm audio jack.

  • Electronic Hook Switch

Grandstream GXP1610 also offers you an exclusive EHS support with Plantronics headsets.

  • Audio Codecs Supported

Grandstream GXP1610 supports different audio Codecs like G.726, G.729A/B, G.723, G.711u/an iLBC.

  • Mountable on wall

It can be easily mounted on the wall.

  • Large Storage Capacity

Grandstream GXP1610 provides you with a large capacity of the phonebook. It can store up to 500 contacts and can store the record for up to 200 calls.

  • Easy to deploy

Grandstream GXP1610 can be easily deployed, thanks to the automated provisioning feature that makes use of the TR-069 or encrypted XML configuration file

Package Contents of the Grandstream GXP1610 business IP phone

The GXP1610 IP Phone Package contains the following contents

  • Grandstream GXP1610 phone
  • GPL License
  • Base Stand
  • Brochure
  • Handset with cord
  • Universal Power Supply
  • Quick Installation Guide
  • Network Cable


There is no doubt on quality and user friendliness of Grandstream GXP1610 IP Phone. Mostly, users have provided positive feedback for Grandstream GXP1610 that give you a good idea about the quality and reliability of the product.There are a lot of GXP1610 users in different areas of U.A.E. The positive feedback will surely help in making a decision buying this phone. Overall as far as the features are concerned, the phone seems to be a pretty good package!.Grandstream Dubai is always committed to provide you high-quality IP Telephones.