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Grandstream is popular name due to the use of high technology in their communication devices. The Grandstream phones are well equipped with the material of cutting-edge technology that ensures making possible the availability of new technology. The facility of the outside plan is provided due to the support of the fiber optic that is the backbone with the toll and local routing. Some other services are offered by Grandstream for the extreme convenience of the clients. All these services are admired due to the efficient and amazing productivity.

The Specifications and features offered Grandstream IP Phones are authentic. It performs with immense excitement and provides the user’s true delight and amusement of the real communication to the clients. They cater their utmost desires with the tremendous communication devices as well as services. They strive to promote modern services with the combination of new technology that is unique in the quality of service and less in cost as per the expectation of the clients. Due to these dynamic features, these devices are highly efficient. You can use Grandstream IP phones for both business use and home use.

Grandstream offers a wide range of IP phones to ideally suited for each business and user type. Grandstream IP Phones Dubai ranges from small business IP phones to Enterprise IP phones to DECT Cordless IP phones. Grandstream IP Phones are trusted and deployed largest enterprises and VoIP services around the world.

The GXP series color-screen IP phones offer 3, 4 and 6 line selection options with a suite of advanced VoIP calling features to optimize enterprise productivity and communication. GXP Series IP Phones features HD audio support, a full color-screen, various BLF/speed dial/extension module options and built-in Bluetooth .he GXP1600 series of IP phones are designed specifically for small business and office use. These IP phones provide a user-friendly calling experience that includes some advanced VoIP calling features.Grandstream IP Phones Support the multi-functions of the speed dial, line key, and directory number.
Grandstream DP series of DECT Cordless IP Phones allows business, retail, warehouse and residential users to mobilize the power of VoIP telephony. These Cordless IP phones allow users to move around an office, store, warehouse or home while always having access to their phone lines.

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Grandstream GXP2200 Reception Console Dubai

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