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Grandstream’s UCM series  IP PBX offers an extensive set of unified communication features in easy-to-manage IP Telephone System. This Grandstream PBX Dubai is an on-premise Telephone system with no licensing fees, upgrade fees or costs per feature. The UCM6100 series is designed for small and medium businesses as it supports up to 500 users and the UCM6510 is ideal for small and medium enterprises as it supports up to 2000 users.

The UCM Series IP PBX System is coming in 2 Series. That is UCM 6200 Series and UCM 6500 Series. The UCM 6200 IP PBX Series which consists of 3 models designed for small and medium business users by supporting up to 800 users.The UCM6510 IP  PBX Dubai, which is best suited for small and medium enterprises by supporting up to 2000 users. Those looking for support for E1, T1 or J1 networks, then  UCM6510 is the perfect telephony option.

Why choose Grandstream PBX System

With great licence free features Grandstream Telephone System Dubai is a perfect solution for business. Build complete unified communications networks that expand business reach and productivity with Grandstream.See some of the features below:

Grandstrem Telephone System Features

How grandstream pbx system is innovative?

Grandstream PBX system is an ultimate option to run the enterprise efficaciously. A really perfect conversation permits the person to carry out the responsibilities efficaciously inside the presence of this PBX System. It lets in the person to carry out an extremely good operation by means of making the float of information possible amongst customers, personnel, and suppliers. The PBX device is sure in providing the notable connection that by no means lost at a wrong time. It never loses the enchantment of the customers for growing the revenue of the agency. Grandstream manages energetic services together with revolutionary gadgets.

The PBX system is quite exceptional in handling internal calls, connecting customers to the global telephone networks and sting up the communication offerings for the benefit of the clients. Grandstream manages the users as per the revolutionary resources; provide a unified voice integration, video and records by using the usage of a simple configuration.

Calling Features:

According to the reviews, this PBX system offers exclusive and sophisticated services with cutting-edge technology for the expediency of the clients. Here are some calling features of the PBX system.

  1. Caller ID display

This facilitates the person through showing the records about the caller with the call and number at your device. It will inform you approximately the caller and you may be able to decide whether or not you’re going to attend the call or not.

  1. Group List

Making a set list is the wonderful alternative for the customers that allow maximum fifteen lists, containing sixty numbers in each listing. It gives the power of sending the message to the entire group in a list with a single click.

  1. Voice Mail

Voice mail is the right choice that is allowed by using the smartphone agencies to the users for smooth and short messaging. It gives them to make use of the power of the voice mail this is honestly used to record, relay or save the message very easily.

  1. Conference Bridge

It is the first-rate possibility that provides the chance to talk more than one man or woman at the same call. It is extraordinarily useful for workplace cause in addition to the home, a circle of relatives, friends, and others.

  1. Call forwarding

This is the power that gives the possibility of redirecting the all calls to the other wide variety. It allows you to wait for the calls wherever you pass. It diminishes the waiting calls, the variety of the missed calls and is beneficial for safety reason.

  1. Anonymous call rejection

The users are allowed to refuse all the calls which numbers had been blocked by them. The caller of the blocked variety will pay attention the declaration that the person will no longer take delivery of the nameless calls even as this carrier is activated through the consumer. The person can receive other calls as regular.

PBX system is designed with flexibility and mobility are shaped to trade the enterprise environments. Grandstream PBX system provides the services that satisfy the conversation necessities of the small groups in addition to the expert enterprise surroundings at large scale inclusive of call centers and huge company.

Call from Outlook Contacts and mobile App

Grandstream Outlook Call

Grandstream Provide free mobile app called Grandstream wave for Android mobile phones.It will provide the mobility you want for your business.This application supports integration of up to 6 SIP accounts, 6-way voice conferencing, and allows users to monitor their IP PBX (such as Grandstream’s UCM6100 series IP PBX & UCM6510 IP PBX) while utilizing speed dial with up to 24 virtual BLF keys. Grandstream Wave also supports advanced SIP telephony features including call transfer, LDAP phonebook integration and more.

The Outlook call CTI app allow the users start the call threw their desk phone from outlook contact. will setup the calll for you by dialing your extension first. When you (auto)answer, the outbound call will be setup.It will support any selected number on any website by pressing a pre assigned  keyboard combination. Faster dialing with a simple copy & paste allows you to use any source of information (any Windows program that allows select and copy).

Grandstream IP PBX Models

Grandstream UCM6510 PBX Dubai

Grandstream UCM6116 PBX Dubai

Grandstream UCM6108 PBX Dubai

Grandstream UCM6104 Dubai

Grandstream UCM6102 Dubai

Grandstream IP Telephones Dubai

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