Grandstream UCM6202 Dubai

Grandstream is reckoned as a leader in the manufacturing of IP telephony solutions.  In this 20th century it is always good to rely on data network to meet your communication needs. Here the Innovative technology and equipment from Grandstream is well worth to satisfy communication needs of any business.

With the help of IP PBX systems, it is possible to have your own telephone network within the organization. Often it is good to choose a scalable IP PBX solution based on your future requirements. Grandstream is rich with their varied model of IP PBX systems. UCM6200 series IP PBX systems delivers enterprise grade features without any licensing fees or recurring fees.

Why you should try VoIP Based telephony Solutions:

  • It Can save your money – Save on your normal telephone bill for internal communication
  • VOIP is scalable – Can expand as per your business needs
  • Enhance productivity – with the integration of other business software’s
  • Easy installation and configuration procedure

It is always good to have an effective communication channel within your business. This helps to improve the productivity of the employees in many ways. Using VoIP based communication solutions are the best choice for any organization with an expanding business. This solution is a best way to reduce your communication expenses. If you are ready to accept this new age communication facility, then this can bring your business communication to the next level in a cost-effective way you ever imagine. Grandstream is recognized as the leader in this IP telephony services for many years. With their expertise in this field they are delivering feature rich IP PBX systems for the customers.

grandstream ucm6202 dubai

Why Choose Grandstream UCM6202 IP PBX?

Grandstream UCM6202 Comes with 2 FXO ports with lifeline capability and 2 FXS ports. With the support for 500 SIP devices and 30 concurrent VoIP calls this Grandstream IP PBX can meet the communication requirement for a small business. With the help of a web user interface it is possible to access the recorded calls those are recorded with built-in call recording server. Built-in CDR (Call Detail Recording) makes it possible to track the phone usage by line, date, etc. The support for multiple configurable call queues makes this IP PBX system suitable for call center solutions. Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) based on agent skill level and availability makes it much more convenient for the call center call management.

Grandstream UCM6202 IP PBX features:

  • It Supports 2 FXS ports and 2 FXO Ports
  • Support for 500 users and 30 concurrent VOIP calls
  • Support up to 3 conference bridges
  • Supports for call queue delivers efficient call volume management
  • Supports up to a 5-level Interactive Voice Response(IVR)
  • In- Built Call Detail Records
  • Supports 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports with integrated PoE (Power over Ethernet), USB, SD card
  • Supports any SIP video endpoint that uses the H.263, H.263 or H.264+ codecs

Grandstream Dubai believe that an advanced telephone system is an inevitable part of an organization which aims for great growth in the industry. As the business grows the communication need is also expands. A proper communication channel is must for every organization. we often find our customers looking for new resources to make their business communications more clear and effective. Grandstream always delivers quality products with the best features needed for an IP PBX systems.

With Our years of experience in this telecommunication industry we can assure that this Grandstream UCM6200 Series IP PBX systems can strengthen your business communication is a great way. Grandstream Dubai is specialized in managing IP telephony solutions with Grandstream IP PBX Systems across UAE.

We deliver our services in the emirates of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al-Khaimah, Ajman and Al Ain.